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BCORCS Classes

There are thirteen classes in the PNWMA BCORCS Series. Please choose the one that you feel is the best fit for your skill level. 1)   Master (AA) Fastest riders, any age, any size engine. A course 2)   Expert (Open A) Fast riders, any size engine. A course 3)   Veteran [...]

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BCORS Regions

PNWMA BC Off-Road Championship Series Regions BCORCS is divided into two Regions:  Coastal (BCORCS-C) and Interior (BCORCS-I).  The idea is to allow racers and option of racing part of the series in a smaller more local format rather than running the entire series. The Coast – (Region #1) 1. [...]

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Rider Number Plates

These are recommended for riders to aid in scorekeeping and identification by spectators. These are not essential. If you do use numbers then please use the last three numbers of your PNWMA license. There will be no penalty for using other numbers and colors but we ask you to [...]

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ORS Points

Position Points Position Points 1st 30 11th 10 2nd 25 12th 9 3rd 21 13th 8 4th 18 14th 7 5th 16 15th 6 6th 15 16th 5 7th 14 17th 4 8th 13 18th 3 9th 12 19th 2 10th 11 20th and over 1 21 or worse [...]

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Throwaways & Work Points

Throwaways: Throwaways are determined part way through the race season, for further information please continue to check our website. Work points & Good Samaritan: For those registered racers that decide to help out at a race, there are still points available for you. One method is to work the [...]

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The transponders may be kept for as long as you decide to race. The transponders used by the Race Timer system are EXTREMELY durable, requiring virtually zero maintenance. When ready to use, they’ll be programmed with your rider number, and as you change classes / rider number through the [...]

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Sound & Spark Arrestor Testing

Riders will be expected to take their motorcycles to tech inspection at every event. Bikes will be tested for sound and should be at 96db or less. Riders will also be expected to have an approved spark arrestor on their motorcycle. There will be random sound and spark arrestor [...]

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PNWMA statement of registration and liability

Newly enacted BC Law mandates registration of Off- Road motorcycles (ORV). The responsibility to meet / comply lies with the owner / racer/ rider. It is the responsibility of the bike rider / owner to meet all the government requirements. The PN will not be monitoring or enforcing the [...]

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2018 Acceptable Helmets for Competition

The PNWMA as the sanctioning body of the British Columbia Off-road Series adopts the following standard for acceptable helmets for competition. The participants must wear a helmet that is approved at a minimum by the DOT standard; however we highly recommend that participants wear helmets that met either the [...]

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