Frequently asked Questions!

What does a Competition License cost?2018-07-21T22:19:47-07:00
  • PNWMA Competition License for the Year – Individual: $40.00
  • PNWMA Competition License, Weekend – Individual: $20.00
  • PNWMA Competition License for the Year – Family: $60.00
  • PNWMA Competition License, Weekend – Family: $30.00

License Notes:
Licenses are sold either for the full year, or for a single weekend. Weekend licenses can be upgraded to a yearly license at the next event.

Family Licenses are available which cover a prent and their dependents (under 19 years of age, living at the same address). These are also
available for either a full year, or just one weekend.

Each racer needs a transponder for their helmet. These are included with the licenses (1 for Individual license holders and 2 for Family license holders). Extra Transceivers can be purchased for $5.00.

How do I get a License?2018-07-21T22:19:44-07:00

The best way to get your Competition License is Online. Use the “Race License” link for Offroad (BCORCS) or Endurocross (BCEXCS).

Competition Licenses are also sold also sold at the sign-up table before every PN Series race, so you can purchase them with cash on race day if you must.

Do I need to be a member of a PN club to participate in an event?2018-07-21T22:19:52-07:00

No, all Calendar events are open to the public.

However, to race any of the Off-Road Series (ORS) you must purchase a Competition License or hold an NMA License.