BCORS Regions

PNWMA BC Off-Road Championship Series Regions

BCORCS is divided into two Regions:  Coastal (BCORCS-C) and Interior (BCORCS-I).  The idea is to allow racers and option of racing part of the series in a smaller more local format rather than running the entire series.

The Coast – (Region #1)
1. Piston Run Hare Scramble, Chilliwack BC, GVMC
2. Nicola Valley Bar Bender, Merritt BC, NVDRA
3. Toasted Hare Scrambles, Bellingham WA USA, MBMC
4. Monkey Wrench Cross Country, Lytton BC, WCDR
5. Vedder Cross Country, Chilliwack BC, VMMC
6. Dirty Dog Hare Scrambles, Bellingham WA, USA, MBMC


The Interior – (Region #2)
1. Big Kahuna Hare Scrambles, Kamloops BC, GKMA
2. The Night Pig Hare Scrambles, Vernon BC, OOMC
3. The Squealin’ Pig Hare Scrambles, Vernon BC OOMC
4. Outback Bushwack Hare Scrambles, Quesnel BC, QCCMA
5. Rev Limiter, Silver Star Mountain BC, SSDBC
6. Tree Hugger Hare Scramble, Castlegar BC, WKDAS
7. Chuwells Challenge Cross-Country, Kamloops BC, GKMA

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