Rider Number Plates

These are recommended for riders to aid in scorekeeping and identification by spectators. These are not essential. If you do use numbers then please use the last three numbers of your PNWMA license. There will be no penalty for using other numbers and colors but we ask you to refrain from this to avoid confusion.

Class Number Color Background Color Class Number Example
Masters (AA) White Red 1000 MST 1000
Expert (Open A) Black White 2000 EXP 2000
Veteran Expert (Vet A) Black White 3000 VET EXP 3000
Intermediate (Open B) Black Yellow 4000 INT 4000
Senior Expert (Senior A) Black White 5000 SEN EXP 5000
Women’s Expert (Women A) Black White 6000 WMN EXP 6000
Veteran Amateur (Vet B) Red White 8000 VET AM 8000
Senior Amateur (Senior B) Red White 9000 SEN AM 9000
Super Senior (Super Senior) White Black 7000 SUP SENĀ 7000
Legends White Black 7500 LEGENDS 7500
Junior Open (Open C) Red White 10000 JUN-OVR 10
Women’s Amateur (Women B) Black White 11000 WMN 11000
Junior Under (15 & Under) Red White 12000 JUN UND 12000

PNWMA has contacted a couple of local graphics companies and provided them with PNWMA logos, so this way you can add these logos to your graphics kit.

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