ORS Points

Position Points Position Points
1st 30 11th 10
2nd 25 12th 9
3rd 21 13th 8
4th 18 14th 7
5th 16 15th 6
6th 15 16th 5
7th 14 17th 4
8th 13 18th 3
9th 12 19th 2
10th 11 20th and over 1

21 or worse = 1 point
Good samaritan or work points = the average of points collected over the season

The points for the off-road series are then tallied at the end of the year and the best races are counted towards the series totals

A riders best scores of the series are totaled for Series Awards

Also to qualify for points a rider’s best scores are totalled. Appendix B of the Rules and Regulations has a current listing of the amount of throwaways depending on the class and series that you’re racing in.

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