Meeting Minutes: Feb. 20th, 2018

Date: February 20, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

Attendance: Jane, Ted, Darin, Paul, Carly, Damien, Sylvie, Brian, Angela, Ken, Greg, Tom, Quinten via phone

Location; Ricky’s Country  Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Website update
    1. In final stages of prep before release.
    2. Lots of great new features, sponsor links, pre-registration, club info, race details, photos, auto notifications to riders who are registered and more
    3. Working getting authorization for folks who have photos on site.
    4. The site will be smart phone & iPad friendly
    5. Plan to go live by Feb 27, 2018
    6. Looking to track down Instagram account & twitter feed… who is running the account?
    7. Gathering feedback for PN executives, before release.
    8. Updated classes & rules… posted updated versions.


  • Women’s Expert class, A course or B course poll results and discussion
    1. Angela has done some emails to women racers… lots of feedback. Didn’t hear back from all the racers.
    2. Greg also received messages from multiple riders.
    3. General feedback has been to kept the A course for the expert women’s class

VOTE:  Motion. To keep the class breakdown same as 2017 race year, Expert women rider the A course with B cut off time… Paul

Second… Ken

In favor… all in favor

Not in favor… 0

  • Beta Canada wants to sponsor our series and have money for us. Can we put this to some good use, give back to the racers, ideas?
    1. Beta looking to sponsor BCORS,
    2. Promote Beta on web page and other promotional things, we will need to clarify details.
    3. PN decide how we use the money ideas… yearend banquet, pay out to a selected class, banners, top 3 races, hole shot.
    4. Ken will reach out to beta find more details.
    5. More details to come.
    6. Add a section on our page where the potential sponsors can contact a PN rep

Motion. We will not be selling racers information to sponsors…. Paul

Second… Jane

In favor… all in favor

Not in favor… 0

  • 2018 rules update, endurocross and other 2018 updates?
    1. Review notes from rules meeting
      1. Class break down, large classes small classes.
      2. Trophies A classes only top 3 finishers
  • Race numbers on helmets
  1. Promoter to determine number of laps
  2. Volunteer requirements, vis vest, flaps,
  3. Bike and rider must cross finish line
  • Course layout, where the start and finish lines are located
  • Rules will be finalized and added as a section to the BCORS rules.
  1. Sylvie will work on finalizing rule package
  2. Calendar details to be finalized and updated… a few errors


  • Quesnel is back on, May 28. Any other updates?
    1. May 27 is the correct date… calendar will need to be updated


  • New Business
    1. Edited calendars reprinted 500-750 copies
    2. Add 2018 to the calendar… Sylvie will update
    3. Review of Bike show and Awards night
      1. Bike show review went well, was not the greatest location.
      2. Longer video for TV, pictures… Greg will develop an upgraded video
  • Back drop banner was not bright enough.
  1. PN logo higher on backdrop
  2. Higher backdrop
  3. Awards night review
  • Kamloops 2018? Quinten will do some research
  • Darin & Sylvie will follow up connections down here if they can follow deals to Kamloops
  1. Darin suggests we try to dial in head count before event
  2. View trophies for 2018… review samples and ideas.
  3. Number plate? And decal?
  • Trophy similar to the old FVDR metals
  • Darin will do some research
  1. Score & Timing and sign-up support needed…
    1. May 19&20 …Vernon
    2. May 27 … Quesnel
  • July 1 … Lytton
  1. New land use terms in future. Cost of forms permits can run into thousands of dollars.

7) Adjourn



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