Spark Arrestor Policy

The PNWMA mandates that all racers must utilize a spark arrestor on their motorcycle, this requirement is necessary to comply with Provincial law and to meet the conditions of our insurance policies. This requirement will be strictly enforced to achieve a level playing field for competitors and to comply with legal and insurance necessities. The responsibility for ensuring compliance with this policy lies with the club hosting a PNWMA sanctioned event. The host club must inspect each motorcycle at the same time as the sound test. Any competitor found to have removed or disabled a spark arrestor after the inspection will not be able to race, it should be noted the PNWMA does not refund entry fees after a racer has been signed up. Listed below are spark arrestors types deemed suitable for competitors in the PNWMA ORS series.

Acceptable Spark Arrestor Types

  • Original equipment manufacturer screen type or turbine type spark arresting exhaust silencers.   Note: Some OEM silencers have a spark arrestor installed but do not display a USFS endorsement, these are acceptable as are those with a USFS stamp.
  • After market exhaust silencers that are supplied with a spark arresting device and which display the USFS approval.
  • After market and stock exhausts modified utilizing a add-on spark arrestor displaying the USFS approval. Examples of this type include Pro Moto Billet, Cobra, Fastway, Enduro Engineering, FMF and others.
Download Spark Arrester Policy pdf
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