Fees & Tariffs

0.) This schedule has been edited on February 1st, 2017

0.1) The funds noted will be the same in either Canadian or American funds unless otherwise noted.

1.) PNWMA Competition License for the Year – Individual: $40.00
2.) PNWMA Competition License, Weekend – Individual: $20.00
3.) PNWMA Competition License for the Year – Family: $60.00
4.) PNWMA Competition License, Weekend – Family: $30.00

4.1) A family is defined as a parent and their dependents, under 19 years of age, residing at one address.
4.2) A weekend license can be upgraded to a yearly license at the next event.
4.3) A individual license includes one transponder.
4.4) A family license includes two transponders.

5.) PNWMA BCORCS Levy: $2.00 per rider

6.) PNWMA Non BCORCS Levy: $1.00 per rider

6.1) The funds from Non BCORCS Levy are solely to be used for land access efforts.

7.) Extra transponders: $5.00

8.) Non-compliance penalty: $2.00 per rider

8.1) This is a fine levied if the Executive deems that a gross violation of the PNWMA Rules and Regulations has been made. The fine is payable to the Host Club.

9.) Club Membership fee: $75.00

9.1) This provides contact information event date listing on the paper calendar as well as contact information, dates, and link with poster hosting on the website.

10.) Motorcycle Sport and Event Calendar Advertising: $150.00

10.1) This provides advertising on paper calendar as well as on the website
which includes a link.

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