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PNWMA Class NMA Class Description Masters (1000) AA Fastest riders, any age, any size engine. A course. Expert (2000) Open A* Fast riders, any size engine. A course. Vet Expert (3000) Vet A Fast riders 30 – 39 years, any size engine. A course. Intermediate (4000) Open B* Experienced [...]

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HELMETS USED FOR COMPETITION MUST CONFORM TO THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS: DOT An acronym for Department of Transport, DOT is the is US government approved standard and, in the United States, is the most popular. DOT standards are aimed at protecting skulls from 90% of impact types ( low to [...]

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Fees & Tariffs

0.) This schedule has been edited on February 1st, 2017 0.1) The funds noted will be the same in either Canadian or American funds unless otherwise noted. 1.) PNWMA Competition License for the Year – Individual: $40.00 2.) PNWMA Competition License, Weekend – Individual: $20.00 3.) PNWMA Competition License [...]

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Spark Arrestor Policy

The PNWMA mandates that all racers must utilize a spark arrestor on their motorcycle, this requirement is necessary to comply with Provincial law and to meet the conditions of our insurance policies. This requirement will be strictly enforced to achieve a level playing field for competitors and to comply [...]

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Sportsmanship Code

It is the stated goal of the PNWMA to provide a level field of play for competitors on which to pursue the challenging sport of off-road motorcycle racing. As in all  competitive sport it is necessary that participants adhere to the principals of fair play,  integrity and respect for [...]

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Sustainable Trail use Statement

The off-road racing community of BC is incredibly fortunate to have access to some of the most spectacular, varied and challenging terrain anywhere. The opportunity to compete on trails in coastal rain forests, rugged river valleys, interior plateaus and mountainous alpine areas is unique to our series. The PNWMA [...]

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Mission Statement Section 1. Competition Committee Section 2. Host Club Section 3. Pointskeeper Section 4. Competitors Section 5. Admission into the Off-Road Series Section 6. Complaint Procedures Section 7. Posters Section 8. Rules Section Section 9. Race day Download Rules PDF Mission Statement [...]

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Arrowing Guidelines

Index 1) Arrow Specifications 2) Marking Trail 3) Marking Turns 4) Confidence Arrows 5) Wrong Way Markers 6) Danger Markers 7) Road Crossings 8) Splits 9) Checkpoints 10) Examples of Course Marking 0) Introduction 0.1) The following arrowing guidelines are intended as a reference to be used in arrowing [...]

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