Sportsmanship Code

It is the stated goal of the PNWMA to provide a level field of play for competitors on which to pursue the challenging sport of off-road motorcycle racing. As in all  competitive sport it is necessary that participants adhere to the principals of fair play,  integrity and respect for their fellow racers and volunteers. Off-Road  racing is an intense sport both physically and mentally and at times passions run high, however this does not excuse abusive behavior or seeking to gain an unfair advantage. The PNWMA asks that the first step of resolving a conflict be handled by the involved parties privately. In cases where an aggrieved party feels unable to settle the dispute the host club should be notified. Only after the host club has been involved and no resolution is achieved should the PNWMA competition committee be asked to intervene.  The PNWMA has put in place rules that govern disputes, any disputes must be submitted as described in the rule book. All decisions of the competition committee are final. Racers are asked to refrain from using social media platforms to dispute rulings issued by the host club or competition committee. If a racer wants a hearing regarding their dissatisfaction with a ruling they may submit their concerns to the PNWMA by post, email or attend a PNWMA meeting.

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