Meeting Minutes: October 16, 2018


Date: October 16, 2018     Time:                 7:00 PM

Location; Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

Attendance: Ted, Ken, Sylvie, Kaleigh, Jane, Greg, Paul, Brian, Ray, Blaine, Tom A.

  • Minutes from Sept, meeting location and future dates / location
    1. Type up minutes and pass on to web master
    2. Adjusting date of meeting to the 3rd Wednesday… of each month. Sylvie will be doing research and advising us of availability.
  • Season wrap up, take away’s and thoughts for the future
    1. Ken and Kaleigh made every race, most of the races were awesome, and scoring was great, minimal disputes, overall very good season.
    2. Pre sign up was successful approx. 3rd of racers were doing this.
    3. Tech was very smooth this year… no concerns solid system this year.
    4. Scoring was very smooth this year.
  • KTM and Husky contingency
    1. Both companies will be supporting the 2019
  • Trophies, jackets and awards ceremony, Kamloops
    1. Darin prepping jackets, trophies for this year.
    2. Greg working on number plate format for the trophies, and will advise us of what he comes up with.
    3. Ken and Jane will compile trophies #’s for classes, and will advise Greg.
    4. Kamloops this year, Jan 26, 2019. Location to be follow.

5) CXCC 2018, schedule 2018, VIHSS 2018 involvement

  1. Reviewing schedule currently.
  2. Kaleigh will be compiling data.
  3. No CXCC details currently.
  4. VIHSS, would like to back on board for 2019. Possible doubleheader.
  5. Possible only have an overall… No coastal & Interior split?

6) Recruiting for scoring

  1. We need to find scoring folks. We need to 2 – 3 folks to divide up the work load.
  2. Really need to rethink how we are supporting this portion of our events.
  3. Do we hire someone to do all the scoring? Pay hourly rate. Pay for fuel.

7) Calendar preparations and calling

  1. Kaleigh working on details and will bring to next meeting

8) New Business

  1. AGM next meeting
  2. Review CXCC details/ dates/ locations
  3. Review calendars dates progress next meeting
  4. Review awards progress
  5. Bike show details and progress Angela working on this
  6. Women classes growing, developing nicely.

9) Adjourn

Download PDF: PN meeting minutes October 16, 2018


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