Meeting Minutes: May 15 2018


Date: May 15, 2018     Time:        7:00 PM

Attendance: Jane, Ted, Carly, Paul, Greg, Sylvie, Caileigh, Damien, Brian, Ken, Tom

Location; Ricky’s  Country  Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Minutes
    1. Minute for April with be ready for posting shortly
  • Insurance for the Upcoming race and the First Aid requirements. Angela is off enjoying a well deserved holiday and is there anyone else that could find out about the insurers expectations?
    1. We have a race coming up this weekend, they don’t have official first aid, however they do have 2 paramedics (what level is this) attendances in attendance, but no insurance coverage. Does our race insurance cover paramedics
    2. Just waiting for clarification on proper insurance coverage. Is the club covered?
    3. It very important there is proper insurance coverage and first aid during the race.
    4. Jane will contact James and let him know where we stand.
  • Insurance part 2; getting health coverage for the American races has suddenly jumped up in price. Is this the concern of the Pn and if so what are our thoughts and direction that we need to go
    1. Health insurance for States is very expensive, if you plan to race
    2. $180-$375 / $90-$900 bcca / CIBC 12month $384 and sur charge $300
    3. AMA rep can’t buy insurance in American as a Canadian
    4. If we were members of AMA still very expensive
    5. Cheap that was found was Approx $200+
    6. Still working on details for Canadian racers who need insurance to race in Washington, what is covered and what is not

Motion: Jane

  • Suspend the American races as pointed races until we know what type, cost, coverage. This is an educational position. Racers can still go and race, but no points. For the first race coming up.


  • Brian

In favor 10

Not in favor 1


  • Any feedback from our trying to promote the kids events? Is there anything more we need to work on, promote?
    1. Not much feedback as of yet
    2. Island race did have a good kids ride, small course but fun


  • Section 56 updates, government dealings?
    1. Government has changed some of the processes at front counter. So there are some unexpected delays.


  • Big Kahuna report
    1. Injured rider is healing up.
    2. Good event overall
    3. Sign up went smooth
    4. Good course layout, endro cross at the start made for a tough start.
    5. 276 riders


  • New business
    1. Pre-sign up, should clubs hold back sign up incentive item (mug, shirt)
      1. Racer that has pre signed up should be the incentive.
      2. Club needs to support this process, scoring and time will supply a list of folks who have signed up.
    2. Photos for the website, contacting professional photographer. Purchase a few of those photos, for web page as well potential for yearend trophy or banner.

Motion Sylvie

$100 per race to purchase photos

Second Jane

All in favor

  1. Spark arrestors, promote and reminders for upcoming races
  2. Promoting Desert 100 race next year , stay tuned for details

8) Adjourn

Download PDF: Meeting minutes – May 15, 2018


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