Meeting Minutes: Oct 15th, 2019

PN Meeting

Notes Oct 15 2019


Calendar Discussion

  • Race Date Changes
    • Chuwells move to July, need to find a date
    • Treehugger must be before school starts
    • Vedder is on for Sept Long weekend and a fun ride 5/6
    • Piston Run 7th of June
  • CXCC – West
    • Waiting on Alberta to decide if they want to split the CXCC race this year. If not, we will assign three/four races for CXCC.
  • Promation National – The National for 2020 will be a two-day event in the west, Alberta in 2020 and BC in 2021. The Corduroy will be on Sept 25/26
  • Endurocross – Silver Star and the Kahuna. Christine to put a call out for interest for someone to put on a race at Popkum.
  • Caileigh to start follow up with the clubs on their dates.


Racer Incentive Program

  • 35 Racers participated in level one and will receive free PN membership for 2020.
  • The program tiers were not achieved.
  • Christine to solve prizes for volunteers and swag bag.
  • Simplify the program for 2020 – Christine to propose changes for AGM.


  • Work Point System
    • Many questions have been raised by racers throughout the year as to the validity of work points.
    • Sarah to bring options of work points calculations available in MotoTally
  • Cut Off Times
    • The rules state 3hr and 2hr cut offs. Modify the rules to be clear the times can change based on the conditions and race area.
    • Voted and approved.
  • Introduce another Women’s class. Women’s B and C.
  • Move Senior Expert above Intermediate


Bike Show

  • Bike show is on, we have a booth and are waiting to here where the booth is.
  • Ted and Angela are responsible for bike show contact
  • Schedule for Bike Show – Angela to send out early November



  • Jackets – Angela earns her 5-year jacket
  • Scoring Team Jacket – Bonnie and Bev.
  • January 25th at the Sandman Inn in Abbotsford
  • Ken and Sarah to send Christine the trophy list.
  • Decision on trophies, plates or something different – Ken.
  • Christine to lock down banquet details in the next couple weeks.

AGM Notes

  • Assign someone to sponsorships


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