AGM Meeting Minutes: Nov 19th, 2019

Date: November 19, 2019 Time: 7:00 PM Start 7:15pm
Location; Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

attendance; Ken*, Tom, Ray, Sarah, Sylvie, Kristine, Brian, Damien, Ted, Kayleigh, Paul, Carly


1) Meeting minutes from October

• Sarah took notes for October 2019 meeting
• Sarah will send notes to Paul to prep for posting


2) Annual reports, financial, scoring etc.
• $251 profit income for 2019 fiscal year
• Top up ISDS account to $3000
• Motion; Sylvie
• Second; Sarah
• All in favor
• Website went very well
• We will continue to develop the website for next year
• we are looking for more photos, videos of race
• standing pages, rider profiles, series reporting
• Race report for 2019 season
• wettest race year in recent memory
• overall a good year of racing
• look to spread out races
• scoring had a good year, several new volunteers
• very few result disputes
• Arrowing and pre ride concerns at couple races this year


3) Calendar update
• 13 races planned for 2020 season
• 2 doubleheader weekends planned
• races planned to be spread out thought spring and summer


4) Awards and Bike show
• Booked venue for Awards, working menu, Jan 25, 2020
• Working to keep costs similar to last year
• Trophy list are nearing completion
• Bike show same spot as last year, TV, need a Banner, Angela show has under control
• Ice racing pictures needed
• Back drop banner for the Awards night Master / Women’s expert
• Bike show will have separate photo for that banner

5) Rule changes
Work points eligibility
– Working points are worth?
 Motion – to change worker point to set value, value being 15points
 Second – Ray
 All in favor

Cut off times and how to properly address the growing need for flexibility and our racer commitment as well
– Motion – Race committee can adjust cut off time according to course conditions
– Second – Brian
– All in favor

Moving Senior Experts to the fourth row and Intermediates to the fifth row
o No changes

Women’s classes, A, B and C?
o New class and class names for Womens
o Motion – to add one more class to women; Women’s expert, Women’s intermediate, Women’s Amateur (13000)
o Second – Ted
o All in favor

6) Promation National and CXCC-W structure and updates
• Moving back to the old format 2 BC & 2 Alberta races for 2020
• Jason Schrage (Alberta) will be helping support CXCC-W
• CXCC-w – looking to do a doubleheader events, one in Alberta one in BC, Promation to piggy back those races
• CXCC-w will have one champion pre class
• Working on Racer licence fees for BC & Alberta, possible comping

7) Other ideas and or changes?

8) Elections
• All folks will continue to stand in current roles
• Greg P. is standing down from VP
• Nomination for VP; Kristine
 All in favor

9) New business
• Ride incentive program up date
 Star volunteer for 2019 (7 racers)
 35 (racers) total volunteers for 2019
• We will follow up in Jan 2020, and plans moving forward
• Partner sponsorship program; working on details for 2020, more details coming for Jan 2020

10) Adjourn
– 9:10pm


Download PDF: PNWMA AGM Meeting minutes Nov 19 2019

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