PNWMA Meeting Minutes – May 21, 2019

Date: May 21, 2019     Time:        7:00 PM

Attendance: Ken, Damien, Tom, Sylvie, Brian, Christina, Cailiegh, Greg, Ray, Jane, carly, Paul

Location; Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Minutes
    1. Minutes sent and ready to be posted on line
  • Promoting our races and series. Reward system for encouraging volunteers for our race promoters. Christine
    1. Volunteer program, 3 levels, help 1 time, 3 times, 5 times plus. All points based on work days (4 hour block). More details to come.
    2. Valid PN membership required

Motion: design a complete concept

VOTE: All in favor

  • Scoring team help and assignments. We have had great support for this year. Now we need to figure out next year and how we move forward.
    1. Sara is working on more details and ideas for next year.
    2. We have several names who may be committed to doing a good amount of the races
  • CXCC was in Vernon but since this was cancelled the thought is Chewels which is also moving to September 8
    1. Update to calendar will be needed.
    2. Trophies are here Ken has them.
    3. PN contact CXCC to ask what is required.
  • New business
    1. 6 day support from PN to riders.
    2. PN will support riders. There is $1500 that will be divided between racers.
    3. PN will donate $500 to Gold fund.
    4. PN will help support riders at races whenever possible

6) Adjourn


Download PDF:   PNMA_minutes_may_21_2019


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