Meeting Minutes: March 18, 2019


Date: March 19, 2019     Time:   7:00 PM

Attendance: Ken, Jane, Paul, Ray, Angela, Greg, Ted, Damon, Tom, Christine

Location: Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Bike show report, comments and ideas
    1. Thank you to Ted and everyone for all the hours of work. Show when off very well.
    2. Work on getting banners set- up a week before show, to limit extra running around before show.
    3. Wind socks to promote PNWMA at booth.
    4. Not to many off road folks at event, mainly cruisers and street rides. We believe it is still important we attend the show to promote the sport.
    5. Possibly bring a bike in next year, point of interest to draw folks into booth. Bring in an element of icing racing possibly. Bring in some old gear to display.
  • Awards night report
    1. Great job Christine!
    2. 125 people attended, good feedback about evening.
    3. Bill rolled up less than expected.
    4. 2019 awards will be in lower mainland.
    5. Possible walk around appys trays, drink trays. Change up seating and floor plan.
    6. All Jackets were correct, no errors.
    7. Trophy number plates were a big hit, lots of request for decal. PTI graphics (Ryan) did a great job getting trophy graphics.
  • KTM contingency
    1. Will have Husky contingency is set up, KTM has PNWMA in their radar, we are looking to develop the relationship for 2020
  • Scoring team update, ideas and possibilities, volunteers committing for certain races
    1. Possible ideas to create interest in folks helping with scoring and timing. Work points? Tracking who working events and passes on names to scoring teams.
    2. Greg will put a proposal together about how we can promote volunteering and offer work points.
    3. We are looking for help with scoring still, there was some interest. The folks that showed interest we will need to follow up with them.
  • Rules update
    1. Rule updates need to be revised and updates to be posted on the web page.
    2. We need all the rules updated ion a PDF file. A condensed version with all the updated rules, to share with al clubs and riders. Goal is to have rules updated before first race. Meeting next Wednesday 27 March here at Ricky’s 7pm.
  • New Business
    1. Possibly meeting up with manufactures to develop relationship in the future.
    2. New race added on calendar, Salmon Arm ROCK HOUND September 15, 2019.



Download PDF: PNWMA_Minutes_March_18_2019

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