Meeting Minutes: April 16, 2019


Date: April 16, 2019     Time:      7:00 PM

Attendance: Paul, Carly, Ted, Jane, Damon, Ken, Brian, Greg, Angela, Sarah, Kristen, Ray, Tom

Location: Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Minutes
    1. Resend
  • Promoting our races and series. Squealing Pig and Quesnel cancelled. How can we do more to promote and help foster the race series?
    1. Quesnel cancelled due to snow.
    2. Merritt race, this will be the last year for that event. Looking for folks to help support Club with course prep.
    3. Squealing Pig, logging.
    4. Supporting our clubs, communication with club leaders and asking what support they need.
    5. Possible idea, workers earn points towards a bike tire or bike gear, possible points towards raffle. Track hours, who, dates, locations and trail/club leader submits.  Damon will develop forms, Sarah will develop framework, possible Kristen to help develop frame work.
    6. Google ad could be a great opportunity, Damon looking into all details.
  • Scoring team help and assignments, commitments
    1. Sarah has a spread sheet for signing up and scoring at races.
    2. Scoring system is very easy to operate.
  • Rules update
    1. Rule review has been completed and current rules are clean. Appendix A need to be amended,

Motion: Jane

10 or more races there will be one throw a way.  9 races or less there will be no throw a ways

Second: Ted

All favor

  • Equipment upgrades
    1. Need more transponders. Sarah has ordered more.
    2. Laptop keyboard is not working well.

Motion: Jane

Sarah will be upgrading equipment

Second: Ted

All in favor

  • New Business
    1. Gold fund, ISDE 7 day. Reviewing PNMWA support. Ken will be contacting Renee Turner.
    2. Nickle mine update, there has been a break through. Kids loop, new staging area, ORV funding possibly. Multiyear project. Trail work, BBQ weekend coming soon.
  • Adjourn


Download PDF Minutes: PNWMA_Meeting_minutes_April_16_2019

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