Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2019


Date: January 15, 2019     Time: 7:00 PM

Location; Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

Attendance: Ted, Ken, Carly, Paul, Cailiegh, Sylvie, Ray, Tom, Greg, Jane, Brian, Christine, Angela

  1. Calendar completion and pick up
    • Calendar is completed and been sent to the printer and will be ready for bike show.
    • Calendar will be posted shortly on the website.
  2. CXCC West program and date selection. Canadian Championship as well
    • Alberta is not taking part in the CXCC this year.
    • Canadian championship well be an opportunity for the top riders in Canada race.
    • PNWMA will be taking part as the BC event to qualify for the main event in Ontario.
    • CXCC West is BC only, four races with the best 3 counting toward the winner.
      1. The Four race possibilities: Castlegar, Island event, Big Kahuna, Monkey Wrench, Squealing Pig, Rev Limiter (silver star) … these are the possible events.
  • KTM and Husky contingency
    • Same as last year for both
  • Trophies, jackets and awards ceremony, Kamloops
    • Working on confirming all details, foods, room rates, pricing. 120 is max. coming together nicely.
    • Trophy decals/plates being worked on
    • Jackets will be done by Friday Jan 18, 2019
  • Scoring help update? Scoring party in February, date tba
    • Scoring team will need to planning for the future, training, develop skills
    • Paying a time keeper is being considered
  • Bike Show
    • Everything is coming together with coverage for every day
    • Angela, Ted, Tom will be setup booth
    • PN scoring equipment to run video clips
  • Rules update
    • No new rules at this time, will need to review rules to ensure they are up to date.
  • Moving forward, thoughts and considerations
  • new business
    • Ray has a contact to possibly support & sponsor the PN in the future, more details to come.
    • Will there be from support from the PN for kids events again for 2019. Yes there will support again, PN will promote on different medias during the year.

Motion :

Jane …  The PN will reimburse each club $10 per child from Sportsman under (16 and under) and Peewee for any club that has a ride.

Greg second

All in favor

  • Adjourn



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