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Premier Christy Clark announced a BC 5 year tourism strategy last week.

An important part of the strategy is to implement the currently dormant BC Trails Strategy. Quoting the attached government document release, “Implement A Trails Strategy for British Columbia” – an action plan for developing and maintaining a sustainable, world-renowned network of recreation trails for hikers, cyclists, equestrians, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers and summer motorized users.”

BCORMA supports the government’s commitment to this initiative.  I was one of the Provincial representatives who was engaged by the Province to create the Strategy document.

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Okanagan Mixed Use Trails under attack – Have your say!

Subject: RDOS – Trail users Survey

All riders, here is the RDOS Trail users survey for all to complete:
Please note it is in two parts, a Regional survey (Answer once) and a Trail survey, answer about every trail you use.

If we want to continue to have mixed use for the KVR and other trails in the rural areas, BCORMA, ATVBC, and the local clubs needs all of you to complete both the Regional and Trail survey.

If you and your family ride in the Okanagan Valley, use the KVR, or ever hope to ride there, please fill out this survey.

Get involved!!!!

Terry Wardrop (ATVBC) and myself will be at the RDOS meetings to make sure we get a fair shake.  We need a strong show of support from the community to give strength to our message.

Send it to your fellow summer-motorized friends.  Get them involved.  The more surveys “in favour of mixed use” RDOS receives, the stronger our case will be.



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