Bike numbers are filling up.

Bike Numbers are filling up! Register soon to reserve yours. To look up last years bike numbers and see which ones are still available for this year. The bike number list is online below and can be found on the PN points page. For 2017: Choose 2017 Bike# List in the drop down. It’s sortable by name, number and class. For 2018: Choose 2018 and Bike # Availability to see which numbers are Open in your class. Your number will be the class number of your class and three open numbers of your choice. Example: Masters 1XXX, Junior Under 12XXX. Note: Number 001 thru 003 are generally reserved for last years trophy winners. Your racer number will be on your race tag, the leader board and scoring throughout the year. It’s nice if the open three digits reflect your bike number but not necessary if your number is taken. Your racer number and bike number are not required to match in the BCORCS series.

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