2019 BCORCS Registration is Open

Here we go!! 2019 Series Registration is OPEN! Jump online to sign up for the race season and request your race number. (PS… choose Skip Authentication… the birthdates are not working!)

Request the last three digits of your race number for the season. The numbers 001, 002 and 003 are reserved for previous season winners if they so choose. The first two digits of the race number will be assigned as your class number.

The Scoring Team will process your request within 48hrs and you will know which number you have for the season. We will do our best to be courteous to our previous racers if they request the same numbers but there is no guarantee of getting your same number. Sign up early!!

We’ll be using the small number plate stickers again this year (top corner, throttle side, size = 2.5″x4″)



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