Meeting Minutes: June 20th, 2019

Date: June 18, 2019     Time:        7:00 PM

Attendance:  Greg, Jane, Ken, Sylvie, Caleigh, Christine, Ray, Ted, Damien, Brian

Location: Ricky’s  Country  Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

Minutes, see attachment ;



Promoting our races and series. reward system for encouraging volunteers for our race promoters. Update

-Positive feedback so far.

Scoring team help and assignments. we have had great support for this year. Now we need to figure out next year and how we move forward.

-Great turnout so far with many new volunteers so that is good.

GVMC trail day promotion along with all our clubs rides

We are happy to promote all club rides but no one sends info to us directly, it’s just us reposting other people’s social media stuff these days.

We will add a form on the website for submissions from PN member clubs so they can send their submissions.


Race updates and reports, ideas for moving forward

Our laptops are old now and 2 of our 3 label printers are toast.

Motion:   we replace the oldest of the laptops (“number 2”), cables, and label printer.

Vote: passed, unanimous

Race updates:

  1. Spark arrestors:  there have been several racers found without spark arrestors at the Merritt race.  We will be stepping up enforcement starting with the Monkey Wrench!
  2. Chipmunk:  great race overall!  Comments were that the course was a bit A level for younger riders / small wheels.
  3. Attendance to races has been great this year.
  • New business

ISDE funding:

  • Participating racers need to apply to us in order to get funds.  We have $3000 to split between the applicants – capped at $1000/rider.
  • Next race is the BC Qualifier, so we need to have outreach to racers so they know funds are available.

Conditions agreed on:

  1. a) they must be a BC PNWMA rider
  2. b) A level riders only
  3. c) riders must ride in both qualifiers (BC and Alberta) in order to be eligible
  4. d) we have $3000 to donate, split between riders, max $1000/rider


Adjourned at 9:07PM


Download PDF:   PNWMA Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2019

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