Meeting Minutes: Jan 16, 2018

Date: January 16, 2018

Time:   7:00 PM

Attendance; Ken, Ted, Brian, Darin, Greg, Angela, Carly, Paul, Tom, Ray, Caileigh, Blaine, Damien

Location; Ricky’s Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed HWY Maple Ridge

  • Sharing of knowledge, duties and responsibilities for new directors. How can we help?
    1. With all the new folks taking on new rolls, we hope the pass folks can help support and pass on knowledge.
    2. New folks we reach out for support when needed.
    3. Calendars are at print shop, reminder schedule is subject to change
  • Rules update, endurocross committee recommendations, further rules updates? Clubs are looking for guidance.
    1. Endrocross rules are in conversation, we had 1 meeting and a phone call. We will continue to develop this package.
    2. Keys are… classes, number of riders on track at one time, full gates for each race, length of races. Constant rules for each event. Sportsmanship is important.
    3. Rules for endrocross races… meeting, Jan 31 7p Rickys maple ridge . Agenda will be compiled, and sent out.
  • Website rebuild! Yay!! Damien update.
    1. Very good idea what the site needs and doesn’t need
    2. Looking for photos now to create some excitement
    3. The new site will be cell phone friendly
    4. Information will be much easier to access
    5. Advertising is important
    6. Calendar is important, couple formats
    7. Details about events with links, key words searches
    8. Printable information, maps, posters
    9. Link to google and google maps
    10. Facebook, Instagram links, instant updates about races and other details
    11. This new site show be up and running in a few weeks
    12. Cost will be approx. $3000
    13. Ted Blow blog
  • Bike show and awards final details.
    1. Bike is all ready to roll
    2. a few last minute details to take care of, TV, power cord and power bar
    3. Awards are all ready, picking jackets and trophies Thursday, food is similar to 2 years ago.
  • Calendar details done for printed version, website updates to follow up in the future. Concerns and picking up of printed copies?
  • CXCC discussion, maybe add third date which would require WEC approval. Thoughts? Also AMSA has added another class into their series in which they have created essentially a 30+AA for their aging fast guys to play in without discouraging the regular 30+a (Vet Expert). This also gives the Vet Am winners a class to go to when they win the Vet Am class (Also the Senior Am winners have the opportunity to race this same class. Discussion.
    1. Big Kahuna, Silver star are the two events for BC
    2. Spreading the race around to different locations is important for the sport and clubs in the PN.
    3. Cxcc schedule conflicts are still being finalized, however dates do look ok
    4. Promote pre-registration to events, how much easier sign up is.
  • New business
    1. Woman expert class, all woman in the class did not to ride A loop. We want to ride B loop. More talk over the next few weeks.
    2. See a good response so far post previews.
    3. Merritt race looking for help to put race on. June 17 is race date. Face book event, talk it up during bike show.

8) Adjourn


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