Endurocross Program

  • Riders sign up in the classes of their choosing.
  • After Sign Up closes, Class entries are reviewed to assess numbers.
  • If more riders are in a class than the track allows, classes are split into qualifiers.
  • Riders allowed on a track will vary by course and event
  • Qualifiers will be split into an even amount, ie. 12 riders in a class = 6 riders in Q1 and 6 riders in Q2.
  • Top “X” number of rdiers from each qualifier go into A MAIN
  • Next “X” number of riders from each qualifier go into B MAIN, then C MAIN, etc.

Morning Program: Run Qualifiers

  • Rider listings for Mains are staged after qualifiers end.

Afternoon program: Run Mains

  • Any small mains can be combined with other small mains so that the race is still competitive.   Example: A women’s main of 4 riders can be combined with a Junior Main of 4 riders.
  • For overall points, A Main riders gets 1st through Xth and B Main riders are awarded the next points position, etc.
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