Answers to the ultimate question…. How many races count for the year?!!

There is a total of 10 races this season, the following races count towards the 2018 Series Points

  • Championship: 8 out of 10 – all classes
  • Coastal:  4 out of 4 – all classes
  • Interior: 5 out of 6 – all classes

The PN determined the following set of guidelines for years going forward*:

Championship Series –  If the total race count is between 10 & 15, 2 races will be dropped.  If lower or higher it will be determined based on that season’s circumstances.

Regional Series – Less than 5 races:  all races count.    5 or greater races:  1 may be dropped.

*Guidelines are subject to change based on the circumstances of the season.  Fires, Riding Area challenges etc. can affect the total race count as the season progresses.

Stay tuned to the PN website and Facebook page throughout the season for updates.

We recommend attending as many as possible to support riding throughout all of BC.  Your race participation matters to those who cut trail and maintain riding areas.

See you at the Rev Limiter!

-The Scoring Team

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